Come Sail Away With Us: A Boaters Guide

25 April, 2023

All Aboard! As the weather’s getting warmer, everyone’s hitting the water and no matter what kind of boating you do, it’s all about enjoying those unforgettable moments of feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. From setting sail for Catalina to cruising around at Boca Bash, boating is always a fun way to spend the day with family and friends. So pack a cooler of Sammy’s canned cocktails, raise the anchor and blast some yacht rock because it’s time to set sail.  


There is perhaps no more iconic California boating excursion than setting sail for Catalina Island.  This jewel of the California coast is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear water.  The trip itself is an easy one, and once arriving, there is no shortage of places to drop anchor and catch some sun with the beautiful island serving as a backdrop. 

Santa Catalina Island  

  • 22 miles off the coast of San Diego.  

  • Takes about an hour or so to sail to the island. 

  • Popular destinations to drop anchor include Emerald Bay and Pin Rock. 

  • Catalina Island is home to Southern California’s largest private land trust, with 88 percent of the island’s land having been deemed as “forever wild” (much like Sammy himself).  

In keeping with the Sammy mantra, recycle your cans and dispose of your trash properly so the natural beauty of this mecca of the Pacific Coast can be enjoyed by generations of explorers to come.  


Florida is a bonafide boater's paradise, and with its hundreds of miles of diverse coastline, the sunshine state has no shortage of amazing experiences for those looking to make memories on the water. Whether you’re looking to catch the fish of a lifetime, dock up and hit Miami’s iconic nightlife scene with your friends, or aimlessly explore the Keys, Florida has so much to offer for boaters. We’re always on the prowl for a good time and one of our favorite boat parties is the annual Boca Bash. 

Boca Bash  

  • Annual boat n’ float party that takes place each year on the last Sunday of April, with this year’s iteration taking place Sunday, April 30. 

  • Each year, thousands of boat owners throw on their swimsuits, fill the coolers, tap the kegs and set a course for the shoals of Lake Boca. Super soakers, floats, pool noodles, music, drinks and good company all come together in one place to make for the party of a lifetime. 

  • With no entry fee, the only barrier to entry is commandeering a vessel to participate, the event is open to all.  

Boca Bash is simply must-attend, good-old-fashioned Southern fun, that year after year continues to draw larger and larger crowds - the kind of good time that pairs perfectly with a cooler full of Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktails.  


Lake Tahoe is the premiere boating destination in Nevada. With the changing of the seasons, the focus shifts from its great snowy peaks to the pristine and tranquil waters of the lake itself. Lake Tahoe is no ordinary body of freshwater, with a massive surface area of 191 square miles and a rich coastline spanning a total of 72 miles for any and all to explore to their heart’s content.  

Lake Tahoe  

  • The water is unbelievably clear, in some places you can even see up to 90 feet in depth!  

  • Tons of space for watersports and activities, however the water temperature not rising above 60℉ mandates a wetsuit for those looking to get their shred on.  

Looking to stay high and dry? We've got you covered, as Lake Tahoe and its coastline are home to some really unique experiences that you can’t find elsewhere. 

The Tahoe Flyer  

  • An aircraft-carrier style boat which offers its passengers the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being able to view the beauty of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding wilderness from the basket of a hot air balloon.  

  • The Tahoe Flyer is the only certified balloon launch and recovery boat in the entire world - you quite literally can’t do this anywhere else.  

Vikingsholm Castle 

  • Located on the shores of the famed Emerald Cove, this 38-room mansion was unveiled in 1929. It’s often cited as one of the finest examples of Scandinavian architecture in all of North America.  

  • Open to the public for tours all seven days of the week. 


Those looking for some classic boating fun need look no further than Lake Austin. Lake Austin carries with it all of the things we love about boating so much, fantastic weather, clear water, and beautiful shoreline scenery, all paired best with good company and good drinks.   

Lake Austin 

  • Plenty of room for all sorts of water based activities.  

  • Home to a healthy Largemouth Bass population giving anglers the opportunity to catch a potential trophy fish to brag to their buddies about - we promise we won’t tell if you choose to exaggerate your haul.  

If watersports or fishing aren’t your speed we recommend renting a boat from Austin Pedal Barge and cutting loose. 

Austin Pedal Barge offers you and several friends the chance to rent your own floating bar powered by you and your friends, with guests of the boat having to peddle their way through the waters of Lake Austin.  

Looking for a place to get some good eats?  

  • Mozart’s Coffee Roasters 

    • A boater favorite which features a massive shaded patio giving guests a premiere view of the lake. 
    • The venue often hosts late night events ranging from musical acts to stand up comedy, all overlooking the serenity of Lake Austin. 
  • Hula Hut 

    • Tex-mex food with a Polynesian twist.  
    • Bamboo walls, plenty of shade, and thousands of colored lights! 
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