Sammys Beach Bar

Escape to an island where turquoise waters meet the horizon and a thatched-roof tiki bar sits on a white sand beach shaded by palms. Meet new friends and toast with the old ones among clever bar signs, the first dollar earned, and visits from the friendly local mutt. Music drifts on the ocean breeze as the bartender serves up craft cocktails with tall tales. Sit back and enjoy a Piña Colada topped with fresh fruit and a tiny umbrella or crack open a sparkling mojito. Find the finest spirit of the islands right here – at Sammy’s Beach Bar.

Our Founder

For decades I’ve worked tirelessly to leave my mark on the world of rock music and the spirits industry. As the culmination of my experience, I present my Beach Bar Rums and Sparkling Rum Cocktails – a series of premium products I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

There’s something about the island and beach lifestyle that just makes your soul blissful and keeps you coming back for more. It’s the feeling you get from being in paradise and there’s no denying it.

I want everyone to experience the feeling of being on the beach with your feet in the sand, listening to great music, sipping the perfect cocktail and laughing out loud with friends and family—no matter where you are.

I set out to make the best tasting and most refreshing spirits, and i’m so proud of these products – they really deliver the tropical and vibrant flavor blends, transporting you to paradise.

Welcome to my “beach bar” – let’s get the party started!

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Our beaches and oceans are a shared universal resource, bringing adventure, refreshment, relaxation and joy to all. To protect our most precious life-giving resource on this planet and respect the creatures who call it home, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum will be supporting various charities behind beach and ocean clean-up initiatives. To stay updated on our impact and our own beach clean-up events, join the mailing list and follow us on socials!

Rick Springfield and Sammy Hagar
We've Done Everything For You

Sammy and I have rocked the stage together, and now we’ve partnered to distill rum together to bring you a taste of the islands. Open a bottle and join us in paradise!

Rick Springfield


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